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Birthdate:Jun 2
Location:Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America
I was born in Louisville, Kentucky. I don't remember much about the place. I moved when I was three to what became Merrillville. I spent all my grade school years there before I moved to Rialto, California to live with my father and his new wife. Rialto is a smallish town about 50 miles southeast of LA. I spent my junior high or middle school and half of my high school years there and had my only experience with team sports. I was on the junior varsity basketball team in the ninth grade. I moved to Madison, Wisconsin to live with my mother and her new husband and my brand new baby sister in the middle of my junior year of high school. I'm still in Madison and quite happy here.

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#19), a river in the sky (an amelia peabody mystery, a song of ice and fire, alexander borodin, amelia peabody series, american gothic, amy ray, anna pigeon series, australia, battlestar galactica (classic), being human, bodeans, bon jovi, books, boston legal, brokeback mountain, castle, cats, chicago blackhawks, chicago's best tv, clean house, computers, cooking, crocheting, design star, dirty dancing, disney, disney pixar, donnie darko, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, draco and the malfoys, dragonriders of pern series, drawing, eagles, egyptology, ellen james society, english shepherds, firefly, fishing, foo fighters, gardening, gilmore girls, green bay packers, guitar, guster, harry potter, harry potter 1, harry potter 2, harry potter 3, harry potter 4, harry potter 5, harry potter 6, harry potter7, hiking, history, hockey, hockey games, horse racing, house hunters, house hunters international, i want to save your life, indiana jones, inheritance cycle, inxs, kristen hall, libraries, lost, matrix trilogy, melissa etheridge, michelle malone, moussorgsky, my own private idaho, nickelback, odd thomas, official merlin page, owls, parenthood, pauline gedge, prokofiev, property virgins, pushing daisies, r.e.m., reading, rear window, russia, serenity, shawn mullins, snow patrol, star trek, star wars, strange brew, tchaikovsky, temperance brennan series, tennis, the alarm, the beatles, the ellen degeneres show, the glades, the history boys, the indigo girls, the late late show with craig ferguson, the man from snowy river, the o.c., the oprah winfrey show, the rachael ray show, the sound of music, the twilight saga, the vampire chronicles, the who, to kill a mockingbird, top gear, torchwood, travel, twilight series, twin peaks, u2, viva la diva, wisconsin badgers, wkrp in cincinnati
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